Nannies and Mother's Helpers

For families in need of a part or full time nanny on a regular basis.
Finding the right nanny for your family can often be a challenging task. We’re here to help ease the process by offering a selection of pre-screened, dedicated and experienced nannies for you to interview and choose from.

How it Works

  • First, give us a call or email to discuss your childcare needs, and we will then send you a link to our online Family Application Form for you to fill out
  • The details of your position are then posted both internally and publicly, to ensure that it reaches all possible candidates
  • We will then forward you the resumes of any interested applicants who meet your specific requirements. You may interview as many candidates as are available
  • If you'd then like to interview any of our candidates, you just let us know which days and times are best and we'll arrange the rest
  • Interviews are typically held in your family's home, though some family's prefer to hold an initial interview in a public locations such as a coffee shop
  • We help you prepare for interviews by providing you with a list of suggested interview questions, but you are encouraged to include any of your won which are more specific to your family's needs
  • Once you have selected the perfect nanny for your family, we'll help with all the details such as negotiating wages and setting up a written agreement between you and your nanny
  • If required, we will provide assistance with registering as an employer and training in basic payroll procedures
  • We love to stay connected, and are always available to offer our continued support


  • Wages/Salary: hourly rates range from $17-$25 per hour depending on your budget, requirements and the experience of the nanny
  • Wages are paid directly to the nanny by you, the employer. Nannysitters is a referral agency only and does not pay nannies on behalf of families
  • As an employer, you are required to contribute CPP, EI and vacation pay on your nanny's behalf


  • Agency (placement) Fee: 12% of nanny's projected annual salary with a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1800. Agency fee is payable directly to Nannysitters once an offer of employment has been accepted, and prior to your nanny commencing work with you
  • Nannysitters does not charge any additional administrative fees, and there is no cost to initiate the search for a nanny with our agency
*Agency fees are subject to tax. Nanny wages are exempt from sales tax.

Our guarantee

It is our guarantee that should your nanny discontinue service to you for any reason prior to the end of your initial contract with them, we will endeavour to provide you with a suitable replacement in a timely manner at no additional cost to you, so long as the schedule and terms of service remain the same. If your nanny should discontinue service to you after the initial term of your contract has been reached, we will endeavour to provide you with a suitable replacement at a reduced rate of 10% of the annual projected gross

Payment Options

We accept payment by the following methods: credit card, cheque, cash, or email transfer. Nanny wages are typically paid by cheque, email transfer or direct deposit.
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